NWCS approaches academics through embracing a biblical worldview with a focus on Scriptural Enduring Understandings that provide a solid foundation for a vibrant learning environment built on Christ-centered relationships among students, teachers and families. Our rich K-5 elementary program educates the whole child and utilizes the most effective curriculum tools and methods for each subject area in the hands of highly trained, effective teachers.

The Kindergarten and primary program(K-2) at Northwest Christian Schools build a solid foundation for learning by fostering a strong academic focus through age-appropriate themes and activities. Children experience academic learning while developing basic skills of reading, written language, and math and engage in activities, songs, and Bible lessons to grow their love of learning.

As students reach Intermediate 3rd-5th grades, our goal is to develop life-long learners and prepare them for middle school by building upon well-established, foundational skills in every subject area.  The balance of using traditional teaching methods alongside of innovative instructional practices often includes incorporating student technology application through a strong STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The core subject areas taught through the lens of enduring biblical Truth include:

Reading/English Language Arts:The fundamentals of reading are taught through a balanced literacy approach which includes Fundations, a solid phonics program (K-2). Our goal is also to instill a love of reading as we develop comprehension and critical thinking skills, spelling and grammar through Houghton Mifflin (K-5) curriculum and many pieces of classic and Christian literature.  Most of our kindergarten students read before the end of the school year.  

Step Up to Writing (3-5th Grades) fosters valuable writing and critical thinking skills through student created narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive pieces. NWCS engages in an annual “NWCS Writes” writing rally where students create and share their own original stories with others around a school-wide theme.

Mathematics:Math concepts focus on building basic skills and fact fluency alongside developing strong problem solving and critical thinking skills.  We utilize Houghton-Mifflin as well as other curriculum resources including technology applications to provide a solid through a variety of traditional math methods as well as visual and active learning approaches.

Social Studies: Comprehensive instruction including US History, geography, and social studies including multiple experiential opportunities for learning throughout the elementary grades are taught through a biblical worldview lens.

Science: Taught within a biblical context and incorporating Next Generation Science Standards through our Mystery Science Curriculum as well as our Apologia series, our science curriculum emphasizes an inquiry model of learning science alongside of developing scientific vocabulary and problem solving STEM initiatives.

Learning Center: At Northwest Christian Schools, we know that God has uniquely designed each one of us.  We have been given “everything we need for life and godliness.” (2 Peter 1:3).  We recognize that each student is designed by a sovereign Creator, and therefore, we greatly appreciate their individual value. To learn more about services we offer in our Learning Center to support students, click here.